Boxing in Victorian Britain

A discussion on how boxing in both its legal and illegal forms was lauded as upholding the ideals of muscular Christianity in Victorian Britain. This paper examines how one of the first systems of institutionalizing and creating a more humane and formal structure for the pugilistic art of boxing was achieved by the codification of […]

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Meat Supply

A discussion of the meat write an essay my village supply crisis in America and how it effects the diet. This paper begins with a discussion of the different food groups needed to maintain a healthy and full diet. The paper then suggests that the recent crises in meat supplies in the U.S., including mad […]

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Capital Punishment

A discussion of the use of capital punishment in the United States. This paper examines some essays online of the investigatory tools that are used in dealth penalty cases. The paper discusses some of the history and motivation behind the death penalty and includes statistics about the number of executions and pending exections in the […]

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OWI and Women

Abstract This paper examines the extent of the affect of the OWI’s campaign to get women to enlist and help in the war effort, during WWII. It argues that the OWI’s determination to protect the traditional image of women was genuinely a reflection of the deep-rooted attitudes of American society regarding womanhood. While magazine propaganda […]

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